Redefining Life Coaching

What comes to mind when you think of a life coach? You are probably thinking life coaching is for somebody that doesn’t have their life together; maybe their lives are falling apart, maybe they are feeling lost. In our lives we all experience something like that at some point. But why? The response is that we are all humans and we all have hopes and fears, we take paths and generate expectations that not always result in what we want. Today I would like to offer a deeper definition for life coach. A life coach is a person that helps their clients to overcome their fears and create a deeper mind-body-soul connection to God understand their truth to live with purpose and adapt to their constantly changing reality. A life coach helps people to identify their vision which activates curiosity and amazement. This helps to reduce stress, increase focus and to promote a growth mindset enabling the person to better accept, adapt and even drive change.

Fear and Choice

The most effective way to do this is to identify fear sources that the person is experiencing. There are five core fears that we experience: 1. Extinction, 2. Personal Space Invasion, 3. Loss of Autonomy, 4. Separation, Abandonment or Rejection and 5. Humiliation, Shame or Worthlessness. The first four fears inhibit our three core human needs: love, safety and belonging. When these things are missing or taken away, we tend to fall into some of the mentioned fears, setting our mindset into a defense mode blocking problem-solving and joy. We feel stuck. When we are experiencing fear, we are restricting our possibility of choice.

Through the life coach work, the individual gets to go from a fear state to a choice state which helps them to understand that what is happening can be a learning source to build on our life experience and making us grow. Seeing challenge from a different perspective empowers us to take responsibility of our life experience.  Life coaching opens the possibility to appreciate that what is happening, is not happening to us but happening for us to learn and grow.

A life coach offers a companion that works like a lantern in a tunnel, through meaningful conversation, tools and reflections the person gets to discover joy within their own self.

If you feel like you are stuck, you lack life purpose or you want to commit to accomplish something specific, contact me, I can help with honest and professional guidance.

If you wish to keep updated with more useful information about whether or not life coaching is for you can  take my quiz here. You can also join my free 30 day transforming fear challenge Here

Renee Christian is a certified master life coach, transformational coach. You can schedule an appointment here. Or call her: (716) 608 5319

Publish date May 18, 2020


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