As a woman growing up, I always knew that I wanted to be a mother but throughout my life, I was told by many people that because of my physical challenges that would not be possible. 

Hope for me was represented by the possibility for me to become a mother. When I met my husband, we weren’t expecting anything to happen, we have been together for four months but one day I was not feeling well, and I had a pregnancy test. The test came back positive. I was so excited but that excitement started to turn into fear and devastation. When we started sharing the good news with family, friends and doctors, they were not excited but concerned. The first appointment with the doctor was four hours long because he tried to convince me to have an abortion, they asked my support staff  to lie and say that I was sexually assaulted. In one other visit I was interrogated by five or six doctors, their objective was to discourage me and to convince me to get rid of my baby. Throughout my pregnancy things did not get better, but I was able to put together a team of people that would Love and support me throughout the pregnancy, those people strengthened my Faith I always believed that God has a plan for me as a mother trusting in that gave me  hope. When the day came and I had a C-section done, my doctors hit an artery and I had to have two blood transfusions. I did not have the opportunity to see my daughter right away, doctors wouldn’t let me. Preventing our mother-daughter bonding. I needed to feed her, to hold her and see her. My biggest fear was present day and night, they were going to take her away from me. We fight and we did everything that was in our hands to keep our child. After taking all possible actions, hope was our only path. We went through a three-month process to prove that my husband and I were capable to take care of her, otherwise they would take her away. Through this my faith and hope was tested beyond what anybody can imagine but without the love my faith in the hope that I had  our family wouldn’t be where we today. We have been raising our child for the past 7 years, she is a heathy happy girl whose life is surrounded by love, compassion and hope. 

Now, I am not sharing this to make you feel  bad for me, sad or angry. I want to share my “hope story” and the power that hope has proven to have for me in my life.  Throughout this story we had to have love hope and faith that we were going to be together at the end. It was hope that kept me fighting and pushed me forward. My hope empowered me to fight for our future together and it keeps representing the fuel to continue being together and grow as a family. When we come from a place of hope and faith, we can accomplish so much more than giving up and conforming. 

Sometimes people believe they know what is best for you, but what is really happening is that they are projecting their own fears and hopes. The solution is a matter of respect and support. 

Fear is mostly behind our actions when we you learn to let go of the fear and step into the choice, we can understand its sources.  most importantly we need to learn how to manage our reactions when we are feeling it so it does not affect our decisions towards others. Everybody deserves to be who they uniquely are in every way and those differences must be embraced instead of using them as excuses and means to division. Realizing that we are all wonderfully and beautifully made and Learning to  Respect each others choices.  together we can change. We will not tolerate unfairness treatment of anybody. Say enough is enough, and let hope move all of us together to be in peace.  Focus on the transformation and the journey that needs to happen so we can all live in love hope and peace and be who God created all us to be. 

Today I’m asking you to make the choice and choose to reflect God’s love into the world walking in faith and hope in everything you do!