About Renee, Life Coach



Renee Christian is an advocate friend and mother, as well as business owner. She was born with Cerebral Palsy which causes her to need a wheelchair in her day to day life. Her disability did not stop her but encouraged her to start a business where she can use her insight and perspective of life to help others to overcome their fears, discover and value their self and live a happier and healthier life.

Renee Christian holds a diversity of certifications, she is Health Coach and Master Life Coach, she is also certified in Transformational Coaching. In 2019 she Founded Journey Guide Life Coach , her own company at the service of improving other’s lives. At Journey Guide Life Coach, Renee offers one to one coaching consultations, group sessions and a diversity of workshops, all to help people to learn about themselves and how to create a joyful life.

Ms. Christian has overcome several traumas and challenges, and she used all her learning throughout her certifications to transform how she sees and approaches life embracing her dreams and fighting for them. Now, through her company’s services she has the goal of guiding and teaching people to don’t give up and keep fighting from their unique inner and personal power.  Renee’s goal and dream is to show people that if they commit and put the work in, they can achieve their goals, it is a matter of self-awareness and inner strength building.

Renee has participated as a speaker in different self-advocacy events such as state and regional conferences in NY. She has also participated as a workshop leader and speaker at different empowerment and self-care/growth conferences and events.

Renee wants to set the right example and inspiration for her daughter, who is her driver and biggest motivation.

Ms. Christian has a genuine interest to help individuals and groups through her skills, knowledge and experience. She is a true inspiration for the entrepreneurial and women leaders community and example of perseverance and hard work.

I  am encouraging you to make your decision and start your journey today!

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