2020 has not been the year we expected, this year has confined us with more challenges and situation that we have never experienced before. It has forced us to take a step back and look at our life in a mirror. In a way that has us re-evaluate what we want. Being confronted with all these things can cause a big deal of stress and overwhelm. Dealing with these new and challenging situations can be most difficult. Adding on the stress of not always knowing how to address things in a comfortable manner can also cause additional stress and overwhelm. But I want to share some ideas to help dealing with it a little better.

Once of the biggest things that we can do to get ourselves back in routine and get our kids in schedule for virtual learning is time blocking schedule . This is the practice of blocking each hour of the day for a specific activity or task. For example.
• 8:00-9:00 am is for breakfast
• 9:00-10:00 am is for Math
• 10:00-11:00 am is for Reading

This is just one example of a schedule for your kids. Remember that you want to put 15 min extra in the case something comes up or you get distracted. Even when you have a work schedule you can consider this tip so you can have a break in between calls.
Learning how to balance work and kids when everybody is under one roof because most schools will be remote for the next whole year can seem overwhelming and challenging. But you can also delegate some of the activities making sure your kids can also help with the daily house tasks. And even though things might be financially hard for most of us, understanding that is still ok to ask for some help from a tutor, even if it is just one hour per week. This could be beneficial to you and your kids, it will be experienced as refreshing. It could be a friend that you know is a teacher, a colleague or someone that you might know that can perform as a tutor and that is currently available.

Remember that you need to take care of yourself, it is one of the most important things that you can do. Ask for help if you need someone to talk to. It is ok to not be ok, sometimes. Don’t stay there for too long and take action before it affects you in a deeper way.

Not allowing your space or your mental space to get too clutter, that can be a cause of feeling overwhelming. Take time to clean your mind, by understanding your feelings, identifying what is causing them and take action to navigate that mental state. To take care of your mental health it can be useful to journal right when you get up and identify what do you want to accomplish on that day. Then again at the end of the day, before going to bed you can dedicate some time to write how are you feeling and what are you thankful for. This will keep acknowledge of where you are and identify what do you need to feel better and happier.
Take time to clean and organize your spaces, that will give you a deeper sense of control and motivation.

Try to identify the cause of the stress and the overwhelm, ask what is making you feel that way, what is a recurrent thought, what are your current worries. What is important about that, what is one action that you can do now to help you reduce the feeling of stress. For example, let’s say your bedroom is a mess and every time you get in you start feeling stressed and overwhelmed, because of all that mess. Pick a small area and organize it, like the dresser. Simplify your problem into smaller problems. That will help you to solve them as a whole little by little and still feel progress and change. You can even make it enjoyable and fun if you involve your kids and reward them for the progress with something they like.

Identify those activities that will take more energy (or that you have been avoiding), and try to get them done at the beginning of the day, so then you can enjoy the day and not drag that in your mind the whole time. It frees you in a way when you take care of them first thing in the morning.

Things are new and different now for most of us, but if we can put a couple of this tips into practice everyday, learn to stay curious and listen to one and other will allow ourselves to take a step back and better manage what is going on in our life and in our world. It might not be the easiest thing you have to do, but once we can get through it and have a better understanding of each other’s experience of it, we can more effectively support and encourage each other. See each other with loving eyes. If you’re ready to take the next step stopped overwhelm and stress in your life please schedule your free 20 minute consultation by going to the link below.

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